About us

Keskuspuisto Vocational College is the second largest vocational special education institution in Finland. We provide preparatory and rehabilitative training, vocational upper secondary education and training as well as vocational adult education and training. In addition to the educational services, we offer a variety of teaching, development and professional services to other educational institutions and our partners.
Our vocational upper secondary education and training is primarily designed for under 25-year-old individuals who need special support in their studies and further plans. The need for special support may be, for example, related to health issues, learning difficulties or social and mental problems.

Our headquarters and administration are located in Ruskeasuo, Helsinki. In total we have 14 locations in the Helsinki region and other parts of Uusimaa. Our aim is to bring educational opportunities close to those who, for whatever reason, find it difficult to access studies outside of their own local area.

We support our students in various ways. Individual and flexible study plans and small study groups provide a good starting point for learning. Our college has a large team of specialists who take care of our students' health and social well-being.

Our aim is to ensure that the Keskuspuisto Vocational College graduates find employment and their place in society through good individual competence and gain the desire for lifelong learning.

Some 1200 students take part annually in our upper secondary education and vocational adult education and training. We have approximately 430 staff members. Keskuspuisto Vocational College is a vocational special education institution and a development center for special needs education maintained by the Orton Foundation.