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Preparatory training for vocational upper secondary education (VALMA)

There have been changes in the range of preparatory training for vocational upper secondary education (VALMA) and thus some of the options mentioned in the Applicant's Guide have been removed from our selection.

The aim of this training is to prepare the students for vocational upper secondary education, training and future employment and to support them in coping with the challenges of daily life and adulthood. Training consists of group lessons, on-the-job training, study experiments in vocational institutions and, if necessary, practicing independent living skills.

During the training:
·   you will think about your choice of career and prepare for vocational studies
·   you will familiarize yourself with work and different fields of education
·   you will practice daily living skills and functioning in society
·   you will be given individual support in your studies and daily life
·   you will learn a variety of skills required in life

Preparatory training is provided at our Arla, Tenholantie and Metsälä locations in 14 study groups. The study methods and focus areas vary depending on the group members' individual needs.

This training is primarily intended for under 25-year-olds. The scope of the training is 60 competence points (one year).

The preparatory training groups work closely with the vocational upper secondary qualification groups in the locations.