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Preparatory training for work and independent living (TELMA)

This training has been designed for students who need special and extensive support and whose learning capacity or situation does not allow them to complete a vocational upper secondary qualification. The aim of this training is to strengthen the students' daily living and work skills and help them to find their path to employment. 

During the training:
·   you will prepare for an independent life and adulthood according to your individual goals
·   you will familiarize yourself with different jobs through practice
·   you will be given individual support in your studies, daily life and functional capacity
·   you will learn a variety of skills required in life
·   you will learn to cope with your daily life and to function as a member of society

Duration and content:
·   Strengthening of functional capacity 15-25 cp
·   Preparation for employment 15-20 cp
·   Strengthening of learning 10-15 cp
·   Optional training modules 5-20 cp

Preparatory training for work and independent living (TELMA) is provided at 12 locations. The study methods and focus areas vary depending on the students' individual needs.

This training is intended for under 25-year-olds. The scope of the training is 60 competence points and it takes one to three years.