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Professional services and projects

Keskuspuisto Vocational College serves as a development and service center for special needs education.

Development, experimentation and research activities
Keskuspuisto Vocational College has engaged in and still does engage in various development and experimentation activities, for example, with regard to special needs education and rehabilitation practices and development of different forms of support.

Guidance and consultation
Guidance and consultation may be based on a situation where an individual contacts one of the educational institution's employees, wanting to discuss a matter related to special needs education.

Consultation is often based on an agreement. Consultation is more long-lasting and profound than guidance. Consultation may concern several people and sometimes the entire personnel. Consultation has been related to overall solutions for the implementation of special needs education, preparation of special needs education plans, preparation of individual educational plans (IEP) and students' psychosocial services. Part of the consultation activities have been based on specialized expertise in a specific disability group's pedagogy and rehabilitation, while part has been related to special needs education in general.

We provide a variety of training sessions regarding relevant special needs education and other education themes. In addition, we offer tailored training sessions and organize the alcohol dispensing certificate and hygiene proficiency tests.

International projects
This section introduces briefly Keskuspuisto Vocational College's current international projects.

The aim of the international projects is to develop the activities of our college and to offer our students and staff opportunities to familiarize themselves with other cultures and their educational practices.