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Work & Learn – Increasing knowledge and gaining experiences through European mobility

Keskuspuisto Vocational College kicked off the Work & Learn student mobility project in the autumn of 2014. The grant recipients are Keskuspuisto Vocational College students who need special support and who are studying for a vocational upper secondary qualification. The student mobility project is intended for second and third year students.

During the project there will be two-week student exchanges within the following fields of study:
-   Hotel, restaurant and catering services, exchange to Hungary, the Czech Republic and Sweden
-   Social and health care, exchange to Iceland
-   Audiovisual communication, exchange to the Netherlands
-   Household and cleaning services, exchange to the Czech Republic and Hungary
-   Musicians, exchange to England
-   Property maintenance services, exchange to Hungary
-   Surface treatment technology, exchange to the Netherlands
-   Dancers, exchange to England
-   Information and telecommunications technology, exchange to Portugal
-   Upholstery and interior decoration, exchange to Lithuania
-   Metalwork and machinery, exchange to Denmark

The Work & Learn project will take place from 2014 until 2016, during which a total of 56 students and 14 support staff members will spend some time abroad. The student exchanges are carried out as group exchanges. The groups travel with a support staff member who is a teacher and an instructor from Keskuspuisto Vocational College.

The exchange periods include on-the-job learning at the facilities offered by the local educational institution (e.g. training kitchen, hotel, dormitory) or at local companies. The exchange periods are recognized in full as part of the students' studies. The aim of the mobility project is to support the students' vocational development. The aim is also to encourage them to be international, to use foreign languages and to familiarize themselves with different cultures. The student exchanges include language and cultural training in Finland, giving the students an ability to understand the language and culture of the country in question.
Our partners in the mobility project are City College Plymouth (England), Klaipeda Dressmaking and Service Business School (Lithuania), GS Område (Sweden), Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurnesja (Iceland), Střední odborné učiliště (Czech Republic), Cibap vakschool voor verbeelding (Netherlands), Tech College Aalborg (Denmark), In-Natura Kft (Hungary) and AEVA-EPA (Portugal). The project is funded by the Center for International Mobility (CIMO).