For businesses

We offer employers
·   students for on-the-job learning
·   competent employees from among our graduates
·   workplace instructor training
·   employer events – training and paths to networking
·   information about employment aid and assistance with applying for it

Career and employment services
ORTON Pro's career and employment services offer the support of a job coach for a student's on-the-job learning periods as well as guidance during the transition from studies to work. Some 100 students are selected each year for job coaching.

Job coach:
·   supports and guides the student together with the teacher during on-the-job learning
·   acts as the contact person between the school and the workplace
·   discusses with the employer, if necessary, for example the arrangement of practical issues, specification of duties and student guidance
·   is a recruitment specialist and assists the employer during the recruitment process with the utilization of different forms of employment support